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About It Stiks:

It Stiks was launched in 2010 with a simple idea: to motivate, inspire,
recognize, and encourage individuals of all ages!

It Stiks creator Joan Arent draws on her Masters in Special Education, Adaptive
Physical Education, and Therapeutic Recreation; her experience in innovative
international wellness;  her own personal hardships and her skills as an artist
and writer to craft an array of products and services for both children and adults.
She has created children’s books, cards, and DOTs. (motivational mini greeting
cards) and has expanded her lecture series to feature “Success through
Creative Decision-Making.".

Joan’s goal is to motivate people to spread their wings and fly!  In high school,
she created her crew of imaginative fine-feathered friends, The Bird Herd. When
her daughter was three,  she created the Peek-a-Boo Who? crew. Together
they strut their endearing individuality, while educating, empowering, and

After helping friends through personal struggles, Joan created DOTs - Don’t
Over Think, mini greeting cards, designed to spark positive thinking, hope, and
love. DOTs combine Joan’s original artwork with encouraging messages in
different themes.

Give -A-Lot DOTs incorporate the work of artists Joan met while volunteering in
Bolivia and Uganda. Her goal is to support artists in need and bring their
message to the world.

The staff at It Stiks believes in making a difference by creating products with a
purpose and living a life of purpose.  We enthusiastically volunteer for
organizations such as Jack's Tribe, Outreach Uganda, and the Do it For the
Love Foundation with Michael Franti, and Spearhead with Sara Franti.

It Stiks with you…Encouraging words, whimsical characters, engaging art, and
caring, entertaining products with a purpose!
Joan's life message: "keep dreaming the impossible
because somtimes the impossible is all you have."
Let's soar together!
“Thank you for the awesome stories, the children
were enthralled.  I loved the dancing too!”
- Ruth Ann Christensen
Whimsical products & presentations with a purpose