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DOTs: Don't Over Think
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Dread Not DOTs $2.99

A 6-pack of round perforated cards
featuring energizing images on
the front and inspiring
messages on the back that can
bring light to any situation. DOTs
stand for Don't Over Think. Use
these cards as a reminder - Don't
Over Think! Stay calm and keep
things in perspective.

Drop a DOT with a big- nosed
donkey on the desk of a coworker
going through a hard time. Mail a
Hang in There! DOT to a friend
who is in need of encouraging
thoughts. Place a soothing image
in a bouquet for a recovering
family member. Slip a Believe
DOT into your child's notebook the
day of a test.

Anywhere a smile is in order, drop
a DOT, share a thought, care a lot.
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We can create any type of DOT for any group, event or occasion!
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