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Invite Joan Arent to your school, business, or social group to
promote positive change. Joan speaks around the world,
motivating others with humor, inspiration, and
encouragement. She has been presenting since 1985,
touching the lives of a wide range of audiences-from leaders
at the World Economic Forum to children as young as eight -
months -old! Joan's goal is to entertain while motivating
individuals to spread their wings and fly!

Joan draws on her Masters in Special Education, Adaptive
Physical Education, and Therapeutic Recreation; her
experience in innovative international wellness and her own
personal hardships, to develop lecture programs, which she
tailors to diverse groups. She educates, empowers, and
entertains while instilling a key life-changing message: No
matter the hurdles, with creative thinking, perseverance,. and
passion, everyone can succeed.

While volunteering in Bolivia and Uganda, Joan was inspired
by people who had positive perspectives and
appreciation of life, despite their major hardships. She
intertwines this strength and perseverance into her
message that obstacles can be overcome!

Joan’s empowering programs are aimed at individuals of all
ages, to whom she brings joy, laughter, and strength to help
face down adversity.

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“Thank you for the awesome stories, the children
were enthralled.  I loved the dancing too!”
- Ruth Ann Christensen

Slumps, Bumps, and Triumphs

Join Joan in this dynamic, interactive presentation!

Joan teaches Proactive Problem-Solving skills for overcoming life’s
Slumps and Bumps, in a fun, whimsical way. She presents
important lessons on the Five P’s: Perspective, Problem-solving,
Power management, Perseverance, and finding Peace within.

As one participant proclaimed: Joan is “outrageously funny,
incredibly creative, and irrationally inspiring!"

Come away with positive-thinking and self-empowerment skills that
will help you TRIUMPH!

Programs available for both adults and kids.

Happy Hour Presentation

Is your upside- down cake more down than up? Is your glass half
empty rather than half full? Who says you have to drink to be happy?

Joan’s Happy Hour means laughing your way to stress reduction.
George Burns said it well: “Humor prevents hardening of the
attitudes,”- and maybe the arteries. Join Joan in a laugh- out- loud
presentation that focuses on forming humor habits, lightening up with
her DOT shots: non-alcoholic greeting- card infusions designed to
encourage the message “Don’t Over Think,” and ways to make every
hour in life a “Happy Hour.”

For adults

Gee-Parody Game Show

This is Joan’s own version of the game show jeopardy. Joan and
her loveable Bird Herd engage the audience with guessing games,
word association, noun recognition and fun loving competition.
Children have so much fun they don’t even know they are learning!

For kids


Children are captivated when Joan brings her fine feathered friends of
The Bird Herd along with Peek-a-Boo Who? crew to perform a
whimsical and engaging reading, involving puppets, dolls, original
books, matching games, and word play.

Create a rich and powerful bond between children and reading by
inviting author and illustrator, Joan Arent, to your school, library, play
date, or birthday party.

For kids.
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