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DOTs: Don't Over Think
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The Bird Herd
Sleep A Lot DOTs $3.99

A 12-pack of round perforated
cards with The Bird Herd
characters on the front and a blank
back for your own personal
message. Use your child’s favorite
characters to educate and

Enjoy the colorful personalities of
The Bird Herd by reading Bedtime
Is for the Birds and using these
complementary DOTs alongside it
to inspire your child’s learning.
These DOTs feature eleven Bird
Herd characters along with two
blank DOTs for your child to draw
their own illustration  starring
themselves and their own bedtime
routine. Use The Bird Herd Sleep A
Lot DOTs as a reward for going to

Anywhere a smile is in order, drop
a DOT, share a thought, care a lot.
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We can create any type of DOT for any group, event or occasion!
“Thank you for the awesome stories, the children
were enthralled.  I loved the dancing too!”
- Ruth Ann Christensen
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